Monday, December 23, 2013

The Birds, Cooking, and Baptism

Hey everyone!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well! This week was a very interesting with a couple funny/interesting stories.  Btw it is finally beginning to get very cold here, but I can never seem to resist wearing just a sweater over my white shirts.  I never wore sweaters before my mission, but for some reason I am in love with them here :D Anyways the other day, we saw one giant crow just chilling there on the power lines and thought it was kind fumy cuz how big he was and it was the first one I had seen in Japan. Well the next morning we went out for our run and when we walked outside of our apartment there were hundreds of them sitting and flying. It was super scary, cuz it reminded me of that really old movie with the thousands of birds that attack all the people in the town. I can't remember what it was called, but it was black and white.  Wednesday our zone had its Christmas meeting/get together and it was really fun. The Japanese ladies even tried to cook an American Christmas dinner. It was super nice of them; I just miss real American food though.  Then on Thursday, me and my companion went and did housing in the pouring rain for the first of what I am sure will be many times.  It was fun, but unfortunately we had no success. Since we have been here there has only been one Nihonjin that has taken the time to listen to us and that was the catholic guy I think I told you about a while ago.  So that same night Elder Benzon who is our district leader cooked dinner for us (he had never before cooked for us). He had said he was bad at cooking, but the next morning all of us were way sick, maybe with food poisoning :D but we were in our futons all day and man futons are not as comfortable as I thought they were.  Then comes the most exciting news, I got to see my first baptism in Japan.  He was an investigator of a part member family that the other companionship in our apartment inherited as an investigator when the other missionaries left. It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait until I get to see one of my investigators get baptized. 2 Nephi 19:6 and 22:2 These two verses are very special to me especially during this Christmas season.  I love remembering that Christ is the means by which I receive salvation and happiness in my love.  The reason he was born was to provide a way that we might return to our loving Heavenly Father.  What a comforting thought that is to me.  Well I love all of you and I hope you enjoy this wonderful Christmas season !!!! 愛していますよ。
     Elder Bedard     ベダード長老

Friday, December 20, 2013

From the Greatest Doubt to Exceeding Faith

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? This week was a pretty good week for me-at least it was quite enjoyable and actually went by really fast.  Hey guess what it is almost Christmas!! I was reminded yesterday by a sister at church that American Christmas is a lot better than Japanese Christmas, and it is so very true so enjoy it. I am jealous of you guys!!  The Christmas Spirit is just nearly the same as I have experienced it before, and I know part of the reason is because most of these people don't know the true meaning of Christmas, and what a joy it brings me that I have the opportunity to share that with them.  However, yesterday, we were setting up for the Christmas part and I saw Jose (a convert of about a year) dressed up in the ward Santa Costume.  The costume is essentially one of those blow up sumo outfits except for red and white with a big belt :D it is quite amusing.  Last Tuesday I went on my first kokan (companion exchange), and it was actually really fun because I got to go with Elder Emery from my home ward. It felt like we were just back at home hanging out almost, but then at the same time we were talking to Japanese people about the gospel so way different.  That same day, we found some dishes just chilling in the trash on the side of the road so we took them because they were way nice and we don't have very many bowls in our apartment.  You can find so many cool things in the recycle bins/ trash areas around the different towns.  It is not at all like the American trash system. I will have to send some pictures sometime because it is hard to explain.  Anyways, this week I extended my first baptismal commitment, and it actually went pretty well.  The wife and husband are catholic and were already baptized, but the wife I can tell understands that her baptism was different than Christ's. Both of them said they were going to study more, and I keep them all my prayers.  They are probably my investigators with the most progress, so I am so very excited for them.  Speaking of investigators I have a couple of a Filipino woman (who speaks more English than Japanese so that is nice), and a Bolivian man that we are teaching right now.  Not a single Japanese person :D Japanese people are very busy and very work oriented, but nonetheless we keep talking to as many people as we can.  I just think it is funny that 3 out of my 4 investigators speak Spanish, and Lis got called to a Spanish speaking mission where as I got called to a Japanese speaking mission. Sounds like she needs to learn Spanish and then come help me out.  As a result of my Spanish speaking investigators not knowing a lot of Japanese, especially the more religious vocabulary, I have learned a little bit of Spanish :)  Did I mention that I teach English classes once or twice a week?  The classes are probably one of the funnest things I do every week. They're with Japanese people who struggle with pronouncing some sounds but are very determined and dedicated.  I enjoy teaching English so much, and they actually teach me a little bit of Japanese sometimes too.  So the other day, I was really down, because I had not been able to understand or speak Japanese as well as I thought I should, and I actually got to the point where I was wondering if I would be able to do this, to actually get to the point where I could speak Japanese.  I mean I know I am actually pretty decent for how long I have been out here, but all of us have weak moments and this was one of mine in which I was just really frustrated and began doubting. But as the greatest doubt entered my mind I read something that brought about the greatest hope in me: "with exceeding faith to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass much restoration unto the house of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren." - 2 Nephi 3:24 I love the whole scripture and it is actually a prophecy about Joseph Smith, but God knows us and he knows our needs. I know he is always there for us-we just have to be doing the things we know we need to be doing.  I received great comfort in time of need and God gives that same comfort to everyone if they will seek him in their life.  I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is our Loving Heavenly Father, and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that through Christ we can one day return home to live with him.  I love you all and I hope you have and amazing Christmas.

-Love Elder Bedard

From Lis: I know that all of our letters and emails (scroll down for addresses) to Abe help give him the strength to continue on as well. The Lord is reaching out to Abe through each of us if only we take the time to act as a tool for Him. Thanks for spreading the Christmas cheer across the world-even as far as Japan!
(Abe sent images that I will try to convert and upload tomorrow)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christ in Christmas

Hey everyone!
     Well first off, I wish I could send you some pictures, but it is just not working. We might have to wait until I leave this area, which won't be until after my third transfer at least :(  However, they will come as do all things with time.  Anyways, I am excited that it is finally Christmas time, but they don't really do a lot to celebrate here in Japan because very few people know about Christ. Nonetheless, a lot of people are celebrating either barbecue they aren't from Japan, or have heard about how big it is in America.  Anyways, I love it when I am walking through the city and hear a random American Christmas song; that just makes me happy inside.  My favorite thing about Christmas in Japan though is that it provides a lot of dendo (missionary work) opportunities either through service or telling someone why we celebrate Christmas.  My ward is having a Christmas party on the 21st here and I am super excited because our district's investigators/friends, members' friends, and all the many other people we have invited hopefully will come.  We will be able to meet a lot of people and build relationships, and teach about Jesus Christ and his birth. I just know that a lot of good things are going to happen as a result of the party. I don't think I have ever been more excited for a ward party :D I wish I could be back with family and friends during this amazing Christmas season, but I know that right now I am called to bring the people of Japan closer to Christ :)  Well, my first transfer is half way over, and we got some news the other day: as apposed to just the 4 elders we have in the Inuyama area, we are going to get some sisters next transfer!  Sisters are really pretty key in bringing success to the area, and I know that they will be such a blessing to everyone here.  I was reading in 1st Nephi 20 the other day and I found some really cool scriptures. Verse 10 and verse 18: We have the opportunity to be refined and changed into the people God needs us to be. The Gospel is a great refiners fire, and through that we can develop righteousness as vast as the ocean, and receive ever flowing piece from the comfort of the atonement. But something important to remember is that another one of the refiner's fire that changes us is the trials and events we go through; we can grow and learn for everything we do, and that is what the Lords hopes to see.  The tricky part is trying to always remember to learn from every situation, and then changing to be more like Christ as a result.  Well I love you all so much and I miss you.  I will say it next week too, but for now MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 

     Elder Bedard

P.S. Anything you send to me needs to be sent to the mission home and then it gets sent to me thanks I love you guys!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moto hanashi!

Hi everyone! This week was awesome, and I'm really beginning to love being here in Japan, like a ton!  I read all of the emails I got this past week and it makes me miss home a lot, but I then remember that I am in Japan, the place, I have always wanted to go, and better yet, I get to preach the restored Gospel to the people of Japan!  I am super excited about Lis getting her mission call to the Chile Santiago South Mission!  What a truly amazing experience that will be! We will both get to be serving our missions at the same time!  Btw, sorry there are not going to be pictures for a while because the computer we use at the church doesn't read thumb drives. Well it probably does, but we can't figure out how to fix it.  Well, I mentioned before how hard it was to find people to teach; it still is :D {i figured out how to do that smiley face, but not parentheses}  However, we finally made contact with a former investigator, and actually found one new one. The new ones name is Henri and is a Bolivian man, who has gone to Christian churches a lot in his life, but never been baptized. He doesn't speak Japanese well, and we can't speak Spanish or Portuguese, so it is very hard to communicate, but he liked our message when we talked to him last Friday, and he actually just called, and wants to meet up again today. He said, "moto hanashi" "more talk" We are super excited!  For thanksgiving, we had coconut fried shrimp and some good old Coke :D Btw, teaching English to these Japanese people during our Eikaiwa class each week is super duper hilarious and fun. Japanese people love American stuff, and it is just so fun being around them. But fun story. Earlier today we were walking on the street, and saw an American , nothing was said except hey how are ya then we walked on, but I haven't stopped smiling since then. I now realize how much I miss America :D It was just so nice to be able to greet someone in English that wasn't a missionary.  Although I definitely love Japan. I went to a place called Sushiro for the first time to eat the other day, and wow that is the funnest restaurant and best Sushi I have ever eaten by far. Moroni 10:25 end of the verse,  Moroni 9:6 has encouraged me a lot. Well I love you all I miss you all. Got to run, bye.
Elder Bedard

From Lis: Thanks for supporting Abe so much ya'll! I just want you to know that support from home really does help the missionaries teach abroad. Keep it up :D

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Love from Japan

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since you have heard from me, but my last day was spent on an airplane flying to Japan.  The flight wasn't too bad even though it was around 17 hours and then Japan is 15 hours ahead of Utah so I jumped around 30 hours ahead in time. Well, I would have put a smiley face there, but I have no idea how to use this keyboard. It is so weird, and the space bar is like the same size of all the other keys so it is quite difficult.  Anyways, I actually talked to two different people-one at the airport and one on the airplane. Both experiences were really cool. The lady on the airplane said she would read the Book of Mormon.  I have actually had less success out here in the field though. Well, that is not exactly true. My companion and I have two appointments scheduled in the next two weeks, but finding people to teach is way difficult. I love talking to all the people I can though. My companion's name is Elder Shimbashi and he is from Canada.  He is a great Elder.  Actually though, Elder Emery from my home ward is in the same apartment as me, and that has been really nice to have someone I know here. My apartment is actually way super small and we all sleep on futons on a tatami mat room area, which is basically just a little bit softer than the floor, but actually I love it.  Japanese culture is such an amazing thing. Although, I do kinda miss electric dryer machines. I love everything here in Japan.  Well, I don't have very much time, but I love all of you so much and I hope you are doing well. Hopefully this next week I will have a little more success to report. I miss you guys a ton! P.S. Sorry I probably won't be able to send any pictures this week because the computer doesn't really work very well.

With Love
Elder Bedard

From Lis: Abe's not even in the US anymore so be sure to support him and send love from America!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Farewell US

November 16, 2013

Well everyone, it is finally here, I finally get to leave to Japan on Monday. I am so so excited!  Packing actually felt a little weird today, almost as if the MTC had become my new home. Weird right :D  Earlier this week, me and my companion got released as zone leaders, and I really had mixed feelings about it.  I miss being a leader and being able to help all of the new missionaries, but I quickly realized that I didn't have to stop helping them just because it wasn't my calling anymore.  I have also had a lot more time to study, which has been really amazing.  I progressed so very much this week, and I am pumped to see how much Nihongo I really know.  Something super sad that I realized this week is that I am not going to be able to go to the temple anymore... That breaks my heart; the Temple has been the only real place of refuge from life for me while I have been here at the temple, and any letters help ;)  One thing that I have learned from the MTC is that the power from personal study is like the most amazing thing. I treasure that time so very much. I know that when we take time to come closer to Christ through reading and deeply pondering and desiring to learn, God will guide us in ways we could never imagine.  Oh, I forgot to tell you, Elder L. Tom Perry came this last Tuesday to talk to us, and wow that was so very amazing. There are two main things that I learned from him the first is that we have the opportunity to actually develop Godlike attributes while we are here on the Earth. This is made possible through our loving Savior Jesus Christ. The other was taught me through the Spirit; humility is a characteristic with which, if we master, we can gain way to the hearts of others.  Man, I have enjoyed learning Japanese and the Gospel so very much. Japanese is probably the funnest thing in the world to learn :D (other than the Gospel of course). So funny thing happened the other day. My Brazilian roommate wanted to get a gift for his girlfriend, so after finding the perfect thing he goes to the checkout and everyone just stares at him.  You might ask why... he set down a blouse and a skirt to buy them.  He quickly clarified that they were a gift. Later I found out how much he spent, a whopping $80 dollars, so I asked what the special occasion was. There was none. All I could say was, "Siedschlag Choro" You must be in love.  He has just made my time so fun here at the MTC and is actually going to the same mission as me, unlike my roommate. Anyways, he is also a really good sport, so he can handle jokes well.  Anyways so yesterday I was reading the Fall in True to the Faith when a thought came to my head that that I thought was really interesting and want to share with everyone .  The thought that came to my head was that Heavenly Father knows every sin we are going to commit, so does he make it possible that we can benefit from every single one of them in some way?  I think so.  A prime example of this is the Fall. God knew Eve would give into temptation, and thus made that part of his plan of Salvation so that all man  could be benefited and be tested.  Granted, they were still punished, which will happen to all who sin, but through Christ's Atonement we have the opportunity to repent, learn from the experience, and actually come closer to Heavenly Father and Christ.  Well you don't have to believe me, but I just wanted to share it with you and keep in mind, I am not saying sin is good. By all means it is a terrible thing that can drag us down to hell if we let it, but because we are members of Christ's true church we can always return to Him. Anyways, I love all of you so very much and I hope you are doing well!
     -Elder Bedard

From Lis: Take a moment and send our Elder Bedard a welcome to Japan or farewell US email/letter!

NEW Address:
Elder Abraham Nephi Bedard
Japan Nagoya Mission 
1-304 Itakadai, Meitou-ku, 
Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Email Address:

Attached Photos

Me and one of my two teachers. He is so amazing, fun,
and inspirational. I love him!
Me and Alec Smith. 
Me and Alec Smith. It has been so nice to spend time 
with one of my friends from before the MTC.
The member volunteers that we have taught throughout our stay here.  Normally you only teach a member once the whole time you are here, but we taught these people several times each and those were some of the most amazing experiences I had here.  Brother Kowalski is the taller American and he was having a really tough time with something going on with his daughter and we were actually able to help him get through it and give him advice and comfort him through the Spirit.  He told us what a literal miracle it has been for him to have had a relationship with us and be taught by us.  Brother Nagano is just super amazing and such a Spiritual guy.  He helped us a ton with our Japanese and actually told us the last time we taught him that we have "the glow" and both me and my companion were like what? :D It was such a cool thing to do here.  The other ladies are just as amazing and are their wives.
All the elders in my class with Bingham Sensei.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

loving Everyone

November 9, 2013
Me just obviously looking like a Jedi

Dear Everyone,
And I am actually the travel leader of a small group of 9 going
there. Essentially I get to make sure no one gets lost or
 misses our flights etc...
     Wow this week just flew by like crazy!  I hope that everyone is doing really well.  I have pretty much recovered from the illness that I had, which is great because I leave in like about a week! I am so crazy excited, and I just got my flight plans yesterday, so I leave the MTC Monday Nov 18 at 3:30 am and my flight leaves at 7:30 am then I fly to Detroit.  After that, I leave for Nagoya and will arrive there on Nov 19 at 7:30 pm!  I have a really really long flight ahead of me, but hopefully I will get to talk to some Nihonjin (Japanese person) while I am on the plane and practice my Nihongo.  Other then that I will probably sleep and read my seiten (scriptures), "Jesus the Christ", my Pikachu/grammar book, and study tango (vocabulary).  Anyway this week was actually really fun, but first things first I was playing some intense volleyball yesterday and was running to do a spike, jumped up and hit the ball with like just my thumb because I was off balance.  Anyways, I did something to my thumb (nothing serious, probably just a bad jam),  but there is internal bruising, so we will see how letter writing goes today.  I have a scripture that I want to share with everyone that has taught me the only way to become more Christlike. The scripture is 1st John Chapter 4 verses (I think) 7-9.  Essentially God loves everyone, so if we don't love everyone then we don't know God.  The scripture says that we need to love EVERYONE.  That has been a real challenge for me, especially before my mission, but I have been praying for help and I have really come to closer to Christ as a result of heeding the words of this scripture.  Just the other day I was walking out of the cafeteria and an Elder said excuse me in a sarcastic way then ran right into me as if he was trying to establish dominance, It was actually quite funny.  Anyways normally I would probably have not taken that lightly and would have reacted in a negative way toward him, but honestly when that happened I felt sorry for him and hoped that his day would get better, then I realized that I loved him for who he was, which was someone serving a mission for God and I respect that :) Moral of the story, people are gonna be people no matter what you do, we are all mortals so none of us are perfect, nonetheless  we still need to love everyone for who they are and if we do, we will know Christ better then we ever have before because we will begin to become like unto him.  Wow time here in the MTC really flew by pretty crazily fast :D It feels like I just entered at tops a week ago, which makes me realize if this went by fast then my time in the field is going to go by even more so, and then pretty soon I will be back home speaking Japanese all the time :D  Anyways, I love you all so very much and I hope you are doing well. Iesu Kiristu ni shitgae tsuzukeba nandemo dekiru to shitte imasu!  (I know that if we continue to follow Jesus Christ, we can do anything!) minasan o ai shite imasu! 
     -Bedard Choro

The last pic is of me with my favorite jam, and my favorite Japanese learning book. Its called a Pikachu and it has a ton load of useful grammar. I could read that book and eat that jam all day long :D

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Their Love for Us

Abe and random elders in his district.
November 2, 2013

Hey everyone! Wow this week went by really fast, and guess what?  I only have two more weeks until I leave for Japan! That is crazy!  This past week I was in bed and feeling really crappy and coughing a storm up so I didn't get to do a lot. But I continued to study and try to work hard, and, after much prayer and perseverance, I am mostly recovered from the illnesses I had.  So quick funny story: there are two similar words in Japanese-one being doseiai and the other being dosei. The first means homosexual and the second means living together with someone before you are married. I bet you can already see where this is going :D Anyways, so yesterday me and my companion taught the law of chastity for the first time. We were explaining what the different parts of the commandment were and then I asked the investigator, because I knew he had a girlfriend, "Dosei shite imasu ka?" which means do you currently live with someone? The investigator, who is my sensei, thought I said doseiai and my companion didn't know the difference between the two, so they both start cracking up in the middle of our lesson and then after I ask my sensei if I said the right word he realized that he had heard the other word. He felt really bad and apologized a ton afterwards, but all three of us were cracking up and couldn't continue to teach the lesson. After much effort, I began teaching the rest of the law and then as I began sharing some personal experiences about following commandments and baring my testimony I began crying as I felt the Spirit so powerfully. Never before had I openly cried in a lesson. Our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ loves us so much.  I know that with all my heart, and what great comfort and courage that knowledge does bring to my heart.  This church is the best thing on this earth today, and I know that if we follow the commandments of God we will never be happier in our lives and never will we make Christ and our Heavenly Father more happy.  It is that simple and yet so many people fail to realize the importance and worth of the commandments.  Anyways, through the Spirit and personal testimony we were really able to save that lesson and turn it into one of the most powerful and spiritual  experiences my companion, I and the investigator had ever had.  I love being a missionary so much; it is the most amazing experience I have ever had and I am not even in the mission field yet.  Oh Halloween was Thursday, Happy late Halloween!!! We didn't do anything in the Missionary Training Center to celebrate, except for that night me and my fellow missionaries ate a bunch of funky foreign candy that Lis had sent me. A lot of it was good and a lot of it was pretty rough :D That was a good night.  Also last Saturday, after I had already emailed everyone, me and my companion went and did a sealing session instead of an endowment session, and wow that was a great experience.  It was my first time and I had never felt more joy contained in a single room my whole life.  The things that being in this church enables us to do are amazing and powerful; where else are eternal families taught? Not really anywhere else.  I love Christ's church and all the blessing that come from it. Anyways, I miss you guys and hope everything is well.  I love you all and miss you. Matsu Jitsu Seito Iesu Kirisuto Kyokai wa shinjitsu desu yo!
     -Elder Bedard

"Me (Abe) and the hilarious Brazilian elder in
my roomthat I have become great friends with
and who's also going to Nagoya, Japan."
From Lis: I really enjoyed this message and I hope you all did too! In fact, I know Abe would love it if you take a quick moment and messaged him what you liked about it, your reaction, and what you've been up to. He loves hearing from you guys!

Elder Abraham Bedard
Nov 19 JPN-NAG
2009 N 900 E Unit 139
Provo, UT 84602

Abe with a member of Vocal Point, an acapella group. 

A beautiful tree at the temple a few weeks ago.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progress Towards Nagoya

Abe also wanted this email he received included on the blog:

Konnichiwa Bedard Choro,

It was so nice to meet you at TRC last Saturday evening!  Your Nihongo is coming along well and you have a great spirit about you that will make many people want to listen to you in Nagoya.  I am excited about you going to Nagoya since I have visited there and think it's a great place--you will love it too!!

I'm attaching the 2 pictures we took, hope you can pass them on to parents and friends as you wish.  Parents always want more pictures!!

Good luck to you, hope to see you again at TRC!

Nihongo, gambatte ne!!


Kowalski Kyodai (Bryan)

Elder Bedard and his MTC companion Elder Crandall

Promptings of the Spirit

Hey everyone! Where are are you guys? I only had two emails this morning (from my faithful brother and sister).  Just because I started doing a group email doesn't mean we can't continue to do personal email :D  Anyways this week has been really good but also really difficult because I have been sick all week long and still am.  I got it especially bad last Tuesday and actually had to go back to the residence and miss a devotional because I had a massive headache, felt really weak, and was shivering really bad.  However now it has just turned into a really bad cough and sore throat, so hopefully I get better soon. Other than being sick, I feel like I have progressed a lot this week. Oh and me and my companion were called as zone leaders.  Being a zone leader has been really interesting-you never really realize how many problems there are in a zone until it is your job to take care of them.  All of my lesson went well this week especially one that I can think of in particular.  Me and my companion had planned and studied to teach about the restoration of the Gospel and then following the prophet, but when we went in there something amazing happened.  My companion was about to start teaching and then I thought it would be a good idea to ask again how the investigator was doing and then we started talking about a couple of different things, and somehow it led to us talking about the Word of Wisdom.  We were able to feel the Spirit so strongly and I know that that is the lesson that our kyudosha (investigator) needed.  The weird part is that I didn't really realize I was being lead by the Spirit until after the lesson and I thought about what had just happened.  Anyways I just thought that was the coolest experience, and it reminded me that sometimes we don't realize when the Spirit will have an influence on us, but, if we are worth of it, the Holy Ghost will guide us in ways we would never have imagined.  Man, I love being on a mission so much.  I feel the Lord's presence in my life so very much and I just simply cannot wait to go to Japan.  I know it is going to be the most amazing experience ever. So other than being sick right now I am enjoying myself and progressing both in Japanese and in the deepening of my conversion to Jesus Christ.  I hope everyone is well. Please write me back I miss you guys love ya! Talk to you later, bye.
     -Elder Bedard

From Lis: Abe wanted me to also tell ya'll that he he'd love to get pictures from you guys. So if you don't have much time to write, send him a few pics with captions. And I wanted you guys to know that though this email is addressed to a general audience, Abe would love to read your individual responses to it. You can email him at or mail him at 
Elder Abraham Bedard
Nov 19 JPN-NAG
2009 N 900 E Unit 139
Provo, UT 84602

Thanks for helping support my brother as he does the Lord's work. Have a great Halloween weekend!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Growing Faith

Here's Abe's first group email!
Elder Bedard and other Elders in his district who are going to the Nagoya Japan mission
Hey everyone! Sorry it took me so long to set this up, but I have found that within my hour I have to do email I can't email everyone so I'm going to start this with the help of my sister. However, if you want to write me with any questions that are just about anything I will reply as soon as I can :) This week was really good and I am progressing in Nihongo faster than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing what we can do when we will simply get down on our knees and ask the Lord for the help that we need. My Faith in Christ has grown so much more since I have been here.  Every time I teach a practice investigator it grows even more as I see this gospel affect people in such a positive way, and if 
Elder Bedard's district while in the MTC
these are just training lessons, I can't imagine how I will feel when it comes to the real thing! I am so very, very excited to go and teach the people in Nagoya. Yesterday I taught two lessons with my companion and in both of them we committed the investigator to baptism, and one of them was just like "Hai!" which of course means yes, but it was just a surprise that he was so very ready to receive baptism and  made me realize people are being prepared for me to teach them already and some of them are just ready and waiting to be taught.  Anyways, this week I also began reading "Jesus the Christ" and it is easily like the most amazing book I have ever read. It covers Christ so very well and every time I read it I just gain endless amounts of knowledge about him and my Faith in him grows more.  It is just an amazing book and I would recommend it to everyone.  The MTC is a great place and I love it a ton, but I am growing more and more anxious to go to Japan.  However, yesterday I finished my first month in the MTC and am now starting on my second so it is definitely going by fast. Anyways I've got to go, but I love you all and thanks for all the letters and support! And thanks for all the Birthday wishes last week if I haven't already thanked you!  The Gospel of Christ is the most powerful thing I could ever experience and I am so glad I have the opportunity to serve a mission in Japan.  I miss you guys!
     -Elder Bedard


Hey, this is Lis Bedard. For those who don't me, I'm Abe's twin sister. I'll be doing this blog for Elder Abraham Bedard or Bedard Choro so that you guys can stay connected with him while he's on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the MTC then Nagoya, Japan. I'll do my best to keep everyone aware of updates, but spread the word that this is Abe's main form of communication. This will take place instead of group emails and if you subscribe to the blog you'll be alerted to new updates, which should happen once every week. I hope you all enjoy hearing about Abe's mission and feel the joy of his service as I have. Let our testimonies grow together. Enjoy!