Sunday, October 27, 2013

Promptings of the Spirit

Hey everyone! Where are are you guys? I only had two emails this morning (from my faithful brother and sister).  Just because I started doing a group email doesn't mean we can't continue to do personal email :D  Anyways this week has been really good but also really difficult because I have been sick all week long and still am.  I got it especially bad last Tuesday and actually had to go back to the residence and miss a devotional because I had a massive headache, felt really weak, and was shivering really bad.  However now it has just turned into a really bad cough and sore throat, so hopefully I get better soon. Other than being sick, I feel like I have progressed a lot this week. Oh and me and my companion were called as zone leaders.  Being a zone leader has been really interesting-you never really realize how many problems there are in a zone until it is your job to take care of them.  All of my lesson went well this week especially one that I can think of in particular.  Me and my companion had planned and studied to teach about the restoration of the Gospel and then following the prophet, but when we went in there something amazing happened.  My companion was about to start teaching and then I thought it would be a good idea to ask again how the investigator was doing and then we started talking about a couple of different things, and somehow it led to us talking about the Word of Wisdom.  We were able to feel the Spirit so strongly and I know that that is the lesson that our kyudosha (investigator) needed.  The weird part is that I didn't really realize I was being lead by the Spirit until after the lesson and I thought about what had just happened.  Anyways I just thought that was the coolest experience, and it reminded me that sometimes we don't realize when the Spirit will have an influence on us, but, if we are worth of it, the Holy Ghost will guide us in ways we would never have imagined.  Man, I love being on a mission so much.  I feel the Lord's presence in my life so very much and I just simply cannot wait to go to Japan.  I know it is going to be the most amazing experience ever. So other than being sick right now I am enjoying myself and progressing both in Japanese and in the deepening of my conversion to Jesus Christ.  I hope everyone is well. Please write me back I miss you guys love ya! Talk to you later, bye.
     -Elder Bedard

From Lis: Abe wanted me to also tell ya'll that he he'd love to get pictures from you guys. So if you don't have much time to write, send him a few pics with captions. And I wanted you guys to know that though this email is addressed to a general audience, Abe would love to read your individual responses to it. You can email him at or mail him at 
Elder Abraham Bedard
Nov 19 JPN-NAG
2009 N 900 E Unit 139
Provo, UT 84602

Thanks for helping support my brother as he does the Lord's work. Have a great Halloween weekend!