Saturday, November 9, 2013

loving Everyone

November 9, 2013
Me just obviously looking like a Jedi

Dear Everyone,
And I am actually the travel leader of a small group of 9 going
there. Essentially I get to make sure no one gets lost or
 misses our flights etc...
     Wow this week just flew by like crazy!  I hope that everyone is doing really well.  I have pretty much recovered from the illness that I had, which is great because I leave in like about a week! I am so crazy excited, and I just got my flight plans yesterday, so I leave the MTC Monday Nov 18 at 3:30 am and my flight leaves at 7:30 am then I fly to Detroit.  After that, I leave for Nagoya and will arrive there on Nov 19 at 7:30 pm!  I have a really really long flight ahead of me, but hopefully I will get to talk to some Nihonjin (Japanese person) while I am on the plane and practice my Nihongo.  Other then that I will probably sleep and read my seiten (scriptures), "Jesus the Christ", my Pikachu/grammar book, and study tango (vocabulary).  Anyway this week was actually really fun, but first things first I was playing some intense volleyball yesterday and was running to do a spike, jumped up and hit the ball with like just my thumb because I was off balance.  Anyways, I did something to my thumb (nothing serious, probably just a bad jam),  but there is internal bruising, so we will see how letter writing goes today.  I have a scripture that I want to share with everyone that has taught me the only way to become more Christlike. The scripture is 1st John Chapter 4 verses (I think) 7-9.  Essentially God loves everyone, so if we don't love everyone then we don't know God.  The scripture says that we need to love EVERYONE.  That has been a real challenge for me, especially before my mission, but I have been praying for help and I have really come to closer to Christ as a result of heeding the words of this scripture.  Just the other day I was walking out of the cafeteria and an Elder said excuse me in a sarcastic way then ran right into me as if he was trying to establish dominance, It was actually quite funny.  Anyways normally I would probably have not taken that lightly and would have reacted in a negative way toward him, but honestly when that happened I felt sorry for him and hoped that his day would get better, then I realized that I loved him for who he was, which was someone serving a mission for God and I respect that :) Moral of the story, people are gonna be people no matter what you do, we are all mortals so none of us are perfect, nonetheless  we still need to love everyone for who they are and if we do, we will know Christ better then we ever have before because we will begin to become like unto him.  Wow time here in the MTC really flew by pretty crazily fast :D It feels like I just entered at tops a week ago, which makes me realize if this went by fast then my time in the field is going to go by even more so, and then pretty soon I will be back home speaking Japanese all the time :D  Anyways, I love you all so very much and I hope you are doing well. Iesu Kiristu ni shitgae tsuzukeba nandemo dekiru to shitte imasu!  (I know that if we continue to follow Jesus Christ, we can do anything!) minasan o ai shite imasu! 
     -Bedard Choro

The last pic is of me with my favorite jam, and my favorite Japanese learning book. Its called a Pikachu and it has a ton load of useful grammar. I could read that book and eat that jam all day long :D