Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lessons Learned: the Coat, the Accident, and the Investigators

Well, I am just going to say that this was a little unexpected :D  To start the week off, last P day afternoon, I was cleaning the apartment and I pulled back my chair with my nice Adrian`s coat on it so that I could sweep under my desk.  However, I didn't realize that our open space heater was on just behind.  I went into the other room, and then I hear my companion say, "Elder Bedard.... you are not going to like this..."  The heater had burned a whole right through my coat-some of the coat had even melted onto the heater.  But wait there is more, after that we went to a store so I could buy a smaller shoulder bag because mine started tearing, is a little annoying to take everywhere because of how big it is, and I don't really need that much room.  Anyways, on the way there, the craziest thing happened... I got hit by a car on my bicycle!!! I was going down a hill alongside a highway and at a blind corner, a car suddenly came out of a small ally, and I saw it when it was about two feet away from me. I thought to myself, "Oh crap there is nothing I can do..."  Then we collided.  Good thing missionaries are required to wear bicycle helmets 'cause I flew off my bike and my arm and head made contact with the ground first.  We went into the hospital and I got X-rays this week, and nothing is wrong with my bones, so that made me happy.  I still can't use my arm very much though.  It is scraped up pretty bad and has some internal bruising, so I can't use it to pick up things or put pressure on it (which means no push ups in the morning :(  Other then that, there are some giant bruises on my leg.  However, please don't worry about me because I am fine, recovering fast, and I still get to do missionary work every day yay!!! That was probably the craziest thing that happened this week, but I have some more positive news.  We got two new investigators this week!  They speak Portuguese and a little bit of Japanese, so we had our atachiai (member at the lesson) translate for us, which was really nice.  Also, the other day on the train, I talked to a guy who I swear was a perfect Japanese version of Harry Potter. He was even wearing his school uniform, so all he needed was a robe and a wand :D  He is going to come to our next English class hopefully, and maybe become an investigator and get baptized.  Moroni 7:13, Alma 5:38, Mosiah 26:18- Missionary work is such a special blessing and opportunity. I feel the Lord's protection and guidance in my life every day.  I am lucky enough to help people receive the Lord's message and come unto Him.  We can all be diligently looking for opportunities to share the Gospel with others, and as we do so we become more like Christ.  I love you all so very much and I hope you are doing well! 

-Elder Bedard

From Lis: Abe really would love to hear from ya'll in letter format, which is so much more personal! It only takes 3 stamps to send a letter to Japan simply from your own mailbox so take just a lil bit of time to write and warm our Elder Bedard's heart with a letter from home! Thanks so much for supporting Abe :D

My coat that had a hole melted through it
 Me, my companion and our zone leader
He is freaking awesome, but this is his last transfer.

My arm after the accident, while my nerves were still in shock so I couldn't really feel much.
It didn't look too bad that night :) I love being protected by the Lord!!