Sunday, January 5, 2014

Serving Japan with the Whole Soul

Dear Everyone,
     I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas! I know I certainly did. I had the chance to Skype my family, and that was easily the best part of my Christmas day.  Other then that, we tried to visit some investigators (but our appointments fell through), and then spent the rest of the day visiting with members, and helped one of them try and find a coach.  I missed Christmas at home, but I would say it was still definitely an enjoyable Christmas. The day after Christmas we had an appointment with an investigator, and it went pretty well, but after I asked her if she would be baptized she showed little desire to do so.  We will continue to work with her and try to teach her how the Gospel will bless her and her kids as they grow up.  We also did some train dendou (missionary work), which is my favorite because there are so many people just right there, and it is really easy to start a casual conversation then invite them to something or get a dinner appointment sometime.  The only tricky part is that you never know how much time you have to talk with them until they get off, but after riding the trains and waiting at various train stations we return home.  Hey guess what? My first transfer is over and I am on to my second, yay!  Nobody in our District transferred, but we get to meet the two new sisters coming to Inuyama tomorrow.  Also, I will get to see three missionaries that also came to the Nagoya Mission from my MTC district!  Missionary work is getting harder and harder for me, but I am growing more confident in my Japanese which is awesome.  We are working hard and praying so that we can find some new investigators soon.  I was reading in Mosiah the other day and I loved verses 21 and 22 from chapter 2. Particularly when it talks about how God literally preserves us day by day and supports us from one moment to another.  We have the power of God with us every second of our lives If we do the only thing he requires of us, which is to keep his commandments.  That was just really comforting to me to know that he is with us in every moment of every day.  Well I love you all and I hope you are enjoying life :)  Hey everyone, write me a letter and I will write you one back, I would be most grateful.  I really enjoy being able to hear about anything and everything back home :) Happy New Year! I love you guys! Bye. 
     Elder Bedard

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This was our Christmas breakfast. We also had pancakes-it was delicious!!!