Friday, December 13, 2013

Christ in Christmas

Hey everyone!
     Well first off, I wish I could send you some pictures, but it is just not working. We might have to wait until I leave this area, which won't be until after my third transfer at least :(  However, they will come as do all things with time.  Anyways, I am excited that it is finally Christmas time, but they don't really do a lot to celebrate here in Japan because very few people know about Christ. Nonetheless, a lot of people are celebrating either barbecue they aren't from Japan, or have heard about how big it is in America.  Anyways, I love it when I am walking through the city and hear a random American Christmas song; that just makes me happy inside.  My favorite thing about Christmas in Japan though is that it provides a lot of dendo (missionary work) opportunities either through service or telling someone why we celebrate Christmas.  My ward is having a Christmas party on the 21st here and I am super excited because our district's investigators/friends, members' friends, and all the many other people we have invited hopefully will come.  We will be able to meet a lot of people and build relationships, and teach about Jesus Christ and his birth. I just know that a lot of good things are going to happen as a result of the party. I don't think I have ever been more excited for a ward party :D I wish I could be back with family and friends during this amazing Christmas season, but I know that right now I am called to bring the people of Japan closer to Christ :)  Well, my first transfer is half way over, and we got some news the other day: as apposed to just the 4 elders we have in the Inuyama area, we are going to get some sisters next transfer!  Sisters are really pretty key in bringing success to the area, and I know that they will be such a blessing to everyone here.  I was reading in 1st Nephi 20 the other day and I found some really cool scriptures. Verse 10 and verse 18: We have the opportunity to be refined and changed into the people God needs us to be. The Gospel is a great refiners fire, and through that we can develop righteousness as vast as the ocean, and receive ever flowing piece from the comfort of the atonement. But something important to remember is that another one of the refiner's fire that changes us is the trials and events we go through; we can grow and learn for everything we do, and that is what the Lords hopes to see.  The tricky part is trying to always remember to learn from every situation, and then changing to be more like Christ as a result.  Well I love you all so much and I miss you.  I will say it next week too, but for now MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 

     Elder Bedard

P.S. Anything you send to me needs to be sent to the mission home and then it gets sent to me thanks I love you guys!