Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moto hanashi!

Hi everyone! This week was awesome, and I'm really beginning to love being here in Japan, like a ton!  I read all of the emails I got this past week and it makes me miss home a lot, but I then remember that I am in Japan, the place, I have always wanted to go, and better yet, I get to preach the restored Gospel to the people of Japan!  I am super excited about Lis getting her mission call to the Chile Santiago South Mission!  What a truly amazing experience that will be! We will both get to be serving our missions at the same time!  Btw, sorry there are not going to be pictures for a while because the computer we use at the church doesn't read thumb drives. Well it probably does, but we can't figure out how to fix it.  Well, I mentioned before how hard it was to find people to teach; it still is :D {i figured out how to do that smiley face, but not parentheses}  However, we finally made contact with a former investigator, and actually found one new one. The new ones name is Henri and is a Bolivian man, who has gone to Christian churches a lot in his life, but never been baptized. He doesn't speak Japanese well, and we can't speak Spanish or Portuguese, so it is very hard to communicate, but he liked our message when we talked to him last Friday, and he actually just called, and wants to meet up again today. He said, "moto hanashi" "more talk" We are super excited!  For thanksgiving, we had coconut fried shrimp and some good old Coke :D Btw, teaching English to these Japanese people during our Eikaiwa class each week is super duper hilarious and fun. Japanese people love American stuff, and it is just so fun being around them. But fun story. Earlier today we were walking on the street, and saw an American , nothing was said except hey how are ya then we walked on, but I haven't stopped smiling since then. I now realize how much I miss America :D It was just so nice to be able to greet someone in English that wasn't a missionary.  Although I definitely love Japan. I went to a place called Sushiro for the first time to eat the other day, and wow that is the funnest restaurant and best Sushi I have ever eaten by far. Moroni 10:25 end of the verse,  Moroni 9:6 has encouraged me a lot. Well I love you all I miss you all. Got to run, bye.
Elder Bedard

From Lis: Thanks for supporting Abe so much ya'll! I just want you to know that support from home really does help the missionaries teach abroad. Keep it up :D