Sunday, February 9, 2014

Short and Sweet

     Hey everyone!  I hope you are well.  Sorry this week I don't have very much time, so my email will be short, but I love you guys so much. This week flew by way fast. It is still way cold. We had transfer calls Saturday, and I didn't get transferred, but I am getting a new companion, so that is exciting-ish :D  One quick funny story: so I was on a companion exchange with Elder Emery from my ward back home, and we wanted to give some Eikaiwa fliers to various popular businesses so they would set them and people could take them.  We ended up going to this super hipster place called Swan's Cafe, and we walk in and get super nervous. The reason being that when we walked in there were only women there and it was way full.  As soon as we walked in they all started staring at us, and we thought it was lady's night or something (even though it was lunch time :D) We awkwardly communicated with the waitress who came up to us and asked if we could leave these here. Neither of us actually knew how to say that in Japanese, but we managed to do it.  The waitress actually made it fairly easy, but anyways that was my laugh for the week.  Ether 4:15 is a great verse I read the other day.  God has promised to help us in any and every aspect of our life, if we will simply believe and ask in humility.  God loves us and desires our happiness.  Similarly I love all of you! So if there is ever anything I can do for you even while I am in Japan let me know!
     Elder Bedard